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I Have a Dream

Kidz Venture Primary Schools

I would like to of gained a local investor by Sept 2015, and am currently exploring locations In Dubai & Kuwait

Our mission statement will be “Whatever your child needs” - from kindergarten to grade 3 – we plan to have everything under one roof with a Montessori set up.

I am working towards establishing a Primary school that is different and unique. It will nurture capable, confident and self-assured children in an environment that supports their small growing bodies and souls.

In addition to the school, we will will have a “one stop shop” department to serve any need, support, or aid a parent/caregiver. The department will have support such as a financial section for parents who struggle to afford the high costs of living in Dubai’s growing market place, but yet long for the same opportunities for their children to attend an outstanding school.

There will be a language department for ESL students, a special Arabic and Islamic department that teaches the language and culture via role play and activities not just through books. A speech therapist, shadow teachers and any other department where the average parent either feels lost or alone trying to find guidance, someone to talk to, and a school that truly cares about the physical and emotional development of each child.

There will be no grading systems at the early years, only happy hearts, smiles all day, and a strong base to succeed in the future.

I have a dream

Every child will be accepted regardless of what their challenge is…

Providing a ‘One Stop Shop’ academy that includes a Montessori ELC plus a primary school catering to children 3-7 years of age from KG1-Grade 5 providing a solution for every challenge a parent faces when it comes to the growth and development of their child regardless of his or her mental, emotional, or physical stages and stand by each parent to surpass every obstacle, placing the child first.

Kidz Venture is the amalgamation of 11 years of vision and hands on experience of a compassionate human being with a desire to give back to society and make a difference in the world.

KV mission: no parent will be turned away with a heavy heart & no child will be left without a fair chance.
Mariam Al Kassab